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Windows Live: Microsoft’s Web 2.0 Strategy

January 20, 2006

Paul Thurrott's take on Microsoft's new live strategy is interesting. It's a good thing, for most part, that the behemoth has finally awaken to the web 2.0 world. I'm pretty sure Ray Ozzie is the architect of the vision, which is good too, because he truly understands the internet and its potential.

How it will all pan out is subject to tons of conjecture, but I'll stick my neck out – Microsoft will prevail. Their preponderance in terms of Cash and expertise is unparalleled. Oh yes, they also own the platform and are pushing the envelope (and no, I'm not poking fun) on the platform side. Vista's new WinFX platform coupled with the Indigo framework will for the first time enable immersive & rich web apps that rival their client side counter parts.

AJAX is good, but the future platforms will offer tons more. Security will be an issue (we know how Swiss cheese like windows is because of supposed 'Features', but something tells me that this time round, Microsoft has it's bases covered).

Time, of course, will tell. But as a consumer I couldn't be more thrilled. The future's going to be good. Really really good.

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