Because Consultants will Rant – # 1

The Simple Analyst (who happens to be a good friend of mine) and I had an interesting series of email conversations on the future of enterprise software. What is funny, strange and perhaps even ironic is the fact that none of us are part of the genus that has come to be known as ‘the Software types’. One’s a business grad (and hence knows very little) and I’m a victim of engineering (and hence know nothing at all). But we’re technocrats and are suppossedly Strategy Consultants . And consultants have the license to speak and opine on any topic. Don’t ask me why, thats just how it is.

So, the analyst conjures up this document from Booz that talks of the changing landscape in enterprise software.

What, according to me, it comes down to is this:


With the rising outlook of solutions architected on SOA (google it! I’m going to be the acronym obssessed, ever annoying consultant) and such frameworks as well as the mainstream arrival of Open Source Software, CIO’s will increasingly gravitate to using these open source ‘modules’ in their applications. This will crash development time as well as reduce costs.

The days of monolithic software are numbered. Primarily because the economics don’t pan out.

So, all in all, the software landscape will orient itself to two major phenomena:

1)‘On Demand’ solutions for SMB’s, with annual ‘per seat’ subscription fees (a la, netsuite etc.).

2) Open Source ‘Modules’ implemented in an SOA environment for large enterprises.

The analyst adds that legacy systems will still be used extensively. Perhaps, but I guess they will be ‘adaptorized’ and integrated into the larger SOA framework.


Crap. what a boring blog post. I’m seriously begining to lose it. aargh. The curse of the software types is upon me. oxCAFEBABE 🙂

One Response to “Because Consultants will Rant – # 1”

  1. Shashi Rajasekaran Says:

    can’t resist ranting after this piece of..

    the SOA model when dealing with the same service for clients with their own nitty gritties in terms of a the behaviour of the system.. becomes a programmers challenge when the maintainabilty of the software is to be considered..

    often in industry..big clients kind of funds the developement of the the software and after it has gained a shape take the onus of developement on themselves.. the initial developers too branch out with the software looking for other clients..

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