Skype goes free: But who really cares about the end customer?

Fantastic. Atleast for the folks in between the Pacific and the Atlantic. Skype just announced that all calls made from the continental US and terminating within the same geography will be free. Gratis. No hidden costs, no nothing.

This sort of brings up an interesting thought. Skype prides itself on the fact that they’ve been largely successful in unifying global rates in an attempt to simplify using their VOIP system – “It doesn’t matter where you call from”, they affirm, “It’s where you call to”.

So if Skype can offer free calls to the US and Canada, why can’t it be free for everyone else (and hence be in line with their marketing spiel). After all, North America has very very low call termination charges (which is why skype can offer this promotion). It’s another entirely different matter that this, if successful, will probably be one of the greatest (and most cost effective) marketing tactics of all time.

The sad truth, is the fact that local operators in other countries will cause all hell to break loose if something like that happened. Imagine, calling the US for Zilch instead of forking out 7.2 rupees per minute. Fantastic, if you’re a customer. Not so great if you’re Airtel.

But that’s where I have my problem. Why the hell should a service provider with his own minor vested interests be assuaged, idemnified and protected by the government? I mean, yes, they have made an upfront investment and all that yada yada. But this is business. And business is fickle and has a full complement of inherent risks. Too bad if a wrong investment was made. Customers can not be made to pay the price for bad investment decisions on the part of a self serving business.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something in all of this. But what the hell. Can I have my free calls. Please?

2 Responses to “Skype goes free: But who really cares about the end customer?”

  1. Shashi Rajasekaran Says:

    dude inter net has to penetrate that far in india ..

    even a well to do man cannot have a 15 minutes of continuous connection.. a internet call wud be accessible only by the likes of me and u….

    i know this is no justification but my point is even the cheap ones (free ones now available from net zero)is not for all..

  2. Shashi Rajasekaran Says:

    dude u are chained

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