Maybe not so phony after all?

 For starters, I hate those motherhood type – general, unsubstantiated and so glorified beyond any semblance of reality that they actually appear funny – statements. So naturally, when the (i)god of motherhood, turtlenecks and faded denims proclaimed some months back that his company was redefining the phone, I ibalked. I mean seriously, I already have a phone that does whatever his magical creation purports to do. Yeah reinvent? – sure.

Then yesterday happened. iday, as some tech blogs proclaimed (Gee, don’t they think they are smart?). I managed to read a Scoble post once he bought the phone. Maybe its adrenaline and he won’t end up being so irosy about iphone after all, but the way he gushes about the phone points to a larger effect (yes, you guessed it – the ieffect).

You see, the iphone does not reinvent the phone. The iphone experience (iphone XP? 🙂 )reinvents the phone. Apple has this magical aura which just makes slightly superior products appear magical. iphone is one, OS X is the other and of course, so is the ipod.

The iphone is redefining the phone experience – in a phone lifecycle sort of way. And frankly I think that is just fantastic.

Maybe this is just a case of post purchase euphoria. You wouldn’t be normal if you acted nonchalantly about something you waited some 28 hours on a street side for. But hey, if it added to the experience, it can’t be so bad.

That man Steve Jobs is a Magician. Er, did I say I hated motherhood statements? ilied!


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