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Magny Cours. Is a turn around now too little too late?

June 30, 2007

After suffering 3 crushing defeats at the hands of Mclaren, Ferrari finally look to have rediscovered their blistering season-opening form. Last week’s tests at Silverstone showed that they had made tremendous progress and that looks like something that has been carried through to practice at France.

Whatever the result, this looks like yet another mouthwatering prospect. That said, the pegging order this weekend at Mclaren seems decidedly in favour of the double world champ. And how he needs to prove superiority. Its incredible, but the way things have turned out, you’d think that Lewis was the World Champion while Alonso was a blubbering rookie. That kid’s really got some talent and yes, most of the worlds influential motoring journalists are British. Did you really think Alonso ever had a chance?

That little digression aside, this is the bigger question – Is a Ferrari revival now enough to see them come through as season Champions? This, after all, is a contest that favours consistency over top results (Ironically a relic of what one Messer Schumacher forced the sport into).

Mclaren, currently in – ahem – the drivers seat are some 35 points ahead of Ferrari. On one hand, a lead so small that two Ferrari 1-2’s and 2 double Mclaren DNF’s would completely obliterate it, but then again, pragmatism dictates that with some 10 races to go in the season Ferrari would need to be consistently, demonstrably superior. Ferrari do have the technical depth, but so do Mclaren.

I’d still tip Mclaren for the Championship. Ultimately, whatever the result, let’s hope this one is super close!