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LBOs are only going to get bigger — here’s why

April 3, 2006

Scary proposition – 2005 saw an unheralded USD200 Billion spent on an estimated 845 LBO deals. Crazy, not just because of the scale of money thats being spent in taking public companies private, but because of the scorching growth in spend – We're talking of numbers that have more than doubled over the last 2 years (which is a trend that, curiously and sadly, my salary has chosen not to follow).

All of this, ofcourse, is symptomatic of a global resurgence in the worlds' economies (note to salary: where's your resurgence, you little dipshit?). With investor confidence this high and the growth of Private Equity firms kitties, it looks like this is a wave that we are going to ride for some more time.

Ps:Investor confidence is a wonderful thing. But this confidence is also fickle. And investors hate fickle things. And fickle things cut investor confidence. Therefore, the investor is his own enemy. er… whatever!